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From hobby to passion

In the 1990s

Fascinated by video games, I discovered in specialized French magazines (Consoles +, Joypad, etc.) that video game covers outside of Japan are in no way comparable to the original illustrations.

Indeed, the Japanese video game covers were entirely modified by the distributor. Effortlessly and often for the worse.

My hobby for drawing really turned into a passion at that time. But making a career out of it was still an unattainable dream. We are in 1990 and wanting to work in this creative environment was still very badly considered.

Now, with the evolution of mentalities and with new technologies, I can exercise and share my passion.

Samples of modified game covers… It hurts the eyes !
(Shinobi and Hokuto no Ken, Sega Master System)

From hobby to passion

The 3 games that inspired me the most

PC Engine Super CD-ROM²


It’s simple. The Valis license is my ultimate Holy Grail !

If I started to draw so much, it is above all thanks to this license.

We are at the very beginning of the 1990s. In the specialized magazine Joypad, I discovered the Japanese cover of Valis III and it was love at first sight!

Note : I collect games from the Valis saga on several media… but I haven’t played any games…

Valis 3 on Mega Drive JP (Telenet Japan)

Sega Master System


The Ys license also occupies a very important place in my heart because this saga made me discover the codes of the Japanese adventure and fantasy game. A very different vision from what we know.

After discovering Ys I on the Sega Master System, I had the chance to play it again a few years later on the PC Engine Super CD-ROM².

I then played Ys II, Ys III and finally the fantastic Ys IV which brings the saga to an unforgettable close on the NEC console.

Note : Other sequels have been released, but I haven’t played them yet…

Ys Eternal I on PC Windows (Falcom)

Sega Master System

Phantasy Star I

Phantasy Star I is the game that introduced me to English !

We were at the end of the 1980s and it was my very first role-playing video game in a language that I didn’t know.

To understand the adventures of Alis and his companions, I played with an English dictionary on my knees. I was translating word by word and it took me like 8-9 months to finish the game.

In 2018, with a lot of nostalgia, I played its remake on an emulator: Phantasy Star Generation 1

Note : The quest for the compass to go into the forest had traumatized me at the time…

Phantasy Star Generation I on PS2 JP (Sega)

From hobby to passion

Other game covers

From hobby to passion

In the 1990s

Here are some video game covers that also marked the years of my youth.

Much later, thanks to the Internet, I was very happy to be able to find them on archive and/or amateur websites. Many thanks to them !

  • Alisia Dragoon (Game Arts)
  • Arrow Flash (Sega)
  • Burning Force (Namco)
  • Dai Makaimura (Capcom)
  • Dragon Spirit (Namco)
  • El Viento (Wolfteam)
  • Gaiares (Telenet Japan)
  • Momono Hunter Yokho (Masna)
  • Psy-O-Blade (Sigma)
  • Rolling Thunder II (Namco)
  • Seirei Senshi Spriggan (Naxat Soft)
  • Valkyrie No Densetsu (Namco)
  • Vampire Killer (Konami)