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Increase efficiency with new technologies

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Are you looking to optimize your productivity?

Who has never had to juggle a computer to a smartphone to consult their diary, appointments or manage invitations?

Your contacts are on your iPhone but your email is on Gmail and your files are on a Windows laptop?

Software as a service (SaaS)

Tools accessible everywhere

Digital and Cloud can greatly simplify the organization of companies. Shared agendas and address books, access to folders anytime, anywhere and information accessible to everyone… at the same time.

Indeed, with these new technologies, instead of paying for multiple licenses, you only have one single subscription to manage. The solution is therefore much simpler.

  • Compatible PC, MAC and Linux
  • Compatible Android et iOS
  • Compatible Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari…
  • Compatible Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive

Productive Management Tools

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Messaging Hub

SMS from your computer

Professional Agenda

Contacts Directory


Drive Service (optional)

Productivity software (optional)

Digital Safe (optional)

A Complete Ecosystem

Perfect for MSMES and Startups

All the tools you need to run your day-to-day business can be found in the Ecosystem. Once inside, from a computer or smartphone, you no longer need to juggle your devices and apps.

Email & SMS

Private Email address is good. A Business Email address is better.


Professional calendar with automatic synchronization with Google or Microsoft.


Combine your Samsung, Gmail or iPhone directories into One.


A powerful video conferencing tool with no limit on participants.

Customize the Ecosystem

Your Logo, Colors and Identity

The Ecosystem can be personalized to your business image by the presence of your logo, banner and other options. Thus, your employees and customers can easily identify you. Your brand image will be strengthened.


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